Choose from a variety of resources that’ll help you with Life & Leadership Coaching

Personal Questionnaire

Self-reflection is important but sometimes we don’t know where to start. Download questions to help you and your coach to identify needed areas of growth.

Ideal Week

Our days are busy and our weeks don’t always go as planned. Download an ideal week to intentionally create the week you want to live out.

Simple Ministry Plan

Outlining your ministry plan can seem stressful and daunting. Download a simple ministry plan to help you get started on accomplishing your ministry goals.

Values Assessment

What values are most important to you? Download this sheet to  determine how you are living out your most important values.

Balanced Scorecard

Meeting deadlines are hard to accomplish without a clear plan. Download a balanced scorecard to help you plan and stay on track.

Health Plan Daily Worksheet

Start your week right with a health plan daily worksheet. This sheet will help your spiritual emotional, and physical goals!

Emotional/Spiritual Health Inventory

Emotional and spiritual health is important. Download an inventory list to help you determine your levels of emotional maturity.

Coaching Action Log for 10 Coaching Sessions

Coaching Action Log - One Page