Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2024 Morning


TRUST—The Key to Effective Coaching and Disciplemaking by Debi Zass

Trust is a vital part of every relationship. This workshop will explore ways of partnering with the person you discipling or coaching to create a safe place to share life and to be able to get to below the surface issues that may be preventing a person from reaching their full potential. This will be an interactive workshop with time to practice what is presented. 

Using Clifton Strengths to Augment Your Coaching by Ellen Susman

Studying CliftonStrengths can increase clients’ self-awareness to then help them achieve their goals. Come learn about the 34 strengths and how they can help you empower others in their ministry and walk with Jesus. 

Lessons in Leadership: The Discipline of Being Coachable by Kristie Monteiro

Effective leadership isn’t just about giving directions; it’s about continuous growth and learning. In this workshop, we’ll explore the transformative power of being open to coaching and feedback. Participants will discover how cultivating a coachable mindset can propel them towards greater success in their leadership roles. We will learn practical strategies for embracing feedback, seeking mentorship, and leveraging coaching opportunities to enhance their leadership capabilities. We’ll delve into the importance of humility, resilience, and self-awareness in journey towards becoming a coachable leader.  

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2024 Morning

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2024 Afternoon


Coaching: Bringing Heart to Your Disciplemaking Process by Cindy Jolley and Sarah Esselborn

Navigators know how to make disciples. We know the plans, the processes, and the tools, and we want to see generations of disciples raised up to follow Jesus. Coaching creates a heart space for disciples to hear God speak to them directly to guide and motivate how they move forward in following Jesus. In this workshop, we will look at the vital role coaching plays in how we pass on the things we know, how to bring that heart into the plans, processes, and tools we have, and how this combination can transform hearts of individuals and impact future generations. 

How to Have Developmental Dialogue by Sarah Baldwin

As coaches, we long to draw out reflection that leads to change. But sometimes we feel stuck in our question-asking. Come and practice Henry Clay’s acrostic D.R.E.S.S.C.O.D.E.S. and watch the power of questions that turn surface-level responses toward internal pressures and desires. DRESSCODES is a developmental tool that nestles nicely within Develop inside the Lead-Develop-Care Shepherd Model. 

Resilience by Tom Mabie

We have just walked through an unbelievingly challenging and difficult season of life. How can we get our life back and recover our souls and follow a path of supernatural resilience, so that we can reclaim our joy, strengthen our heart and thrive through the storms of life? Having faced the trauma of a global pandemic and wars and disasters all around us, how can we find a path of genuine recovery and resilience through Jesus?

Group Coaching to Build Local Disciplemaking Networks by Steve Tice

Applying coaching skills and values to group settings provides interactions that lay a foundation for the trust necessary to produce broad, community engagement and development for growing disciplemaking cultures.


Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2024 Afternoon

Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 2024 Morning


Walking in Fullness and Abundance by Tom Mabie

As the people of God face the challenge of bondage and captivity in Egypt and wandered in the wilderness, God eventually brought them into the Promised Land—a land of abundance and freedom, a land flowing with milk and honey, a land of rest. So, too we have been invited into the Promised Land by Jesus Christ. What does it take for believers, followers of Jesus to walk in fullness and abundance? What will it take, practically speaking, to live this out? Lear a simple process to help us continue to live in freedom and abundance.

Coach the Bible by Dennis Blevins

A workshop demonstrated about the key concepts in the alongsider are fleshed out in and practice.

Culturally Competent Coaching, International by Renee Lyons

This workshop will evoke awareness of our assumptions. Once assumptions are identified, we will then build skills to test these assumptions. Assumptions range from ourselves to others to language, and even values, behaviors, and beliefs. Oftentimes, we think we are speaking at a 2 and it it is heard at a 10. Join us as we build cultural awareness through scenarios, role playing, and more.


Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 2024 Morning

Wednesday Oct. 9th 2024 Afternoon


Using the DiSC to Bless Your Coachee’s Heart by Margaret Fitzwater

The DiSC personality assessment can help coaches identify a person’s strengths, motivations, and communication preferences. Coaches can then use the information to create tailored solutions for goal achievement, relationship building, communication, and self-awareness. The goal of DiSC coaching is to help users build and maximize productive coaching relationships.

Coaching Marriages/Couples Using SYMBIS by Alex Mata

Join us for an introduction to SYMBIS and how as a coach you can make a difference! Come if you just want to learn about premarital or marriage coaching.

How Coaching Can Equip People to be Lifelong Learners by Bill Mowry

Lifelong learning is one of the greatest skills leaders, need today. Because culture is changing so rapidly, quick-fix solutions are becoming rare. We must help leaders tap into the wisdom of both the Scriptures and their experience. 

Intro to Coaching Skills for Everyday Disciplemaking (C4ED) by Gina Holm and Sean McKelvey

The C4ED introduction workshop is designed to provide an overview of essential coaching skills that have proven to awaken new insights and discoveries in those we lead and disciple. When coaching skills are implemented in our conversations, we begin to see powerful and transformative discussions develop. We will introduce three essential coaching skills: The Gift of Presence, The Art of Listening, and Powerful Questions. You will also get an aerial view of The Journey Pathway, a transformation framework that is sure to impact your intentional conversations by helping others Assess, Abide, Align, and Advance in their spiritual formation. 

Wednesday Oct. 9th 2024 Afternoon