Healthy in soul.

Equipped for the work.

Hopeful for the future.


Serving Navigators everywhere in rooting and building up a way of life empowered for lifelong transformation and fruitfulness.

Training makes sure you’re prepared and equipped for your role through accessible materials, available right when you need them.

Grow in the ways you’re wired, both professionally and personally, through events, resources, programs, coaching, and leader development—all designed to help you engage your whole self.

Who are you deep down? Pastoral counselors, resources, and networks of carers help you connect with the soul of the matter to care for yourself and others from the inside out.


Translucently Beloved

As Jesus came up from the waters of baptism, God’s words of love spilled over Him. “This is my beloved son, whom I love; my favor rests upon him (Matthew 3:17).” Can you imagine how keenly heartening this was for Jesus? Can you see the Spirit’s peace and joy resting in Jesus’ countenance? Is this your experience of your belovedness?

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A Megadose of Rhythm

“The great thing about faith in God is that it keeps a man undisturbed in the midst of disturbance.” Oswald Chambers

Last week we got news we didn’t want, then a few days later came another challenge we’d prefer not to deal with. Oh, life—ours and yours, no doubt! A friend commented to us, “Chaos is the new normal.” We couldn’t agree more!

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