A sabbatical is a unique opportunity to revive your soul through rest, hear from God, confirm your calling, revive creativity, and experienced renewed vision so you can return to work refreshed.

If you’ve been going strong in ministry for a while, even if you don’t yet feel worn down, a sabbatical might be just the thing to keep you vitalized and healthy in your life, your work, and your faith. In fact, all Navigators staff who have served for 7-10 years are encouraged to take a three- to six-month sabbatical to disengage from normal ministry and leadership, allowing for reflection on life and ministry. 

Rest: in Scripture, rest is actually the first thing God has Adam do, so that when humans receive the mandate to be fruitful in the garden, they work from well-restedness, starting even that first week refreshed from enjoying God’s companionship—instead of doing what we often do, pushing ourselves hard til we crash into the weekend!

Should I take a Sabbatical?

How Do I Launch a Successful Sabbatical Experience?

What Will I Do During a Sabbatical