Care Services

In our world of conflict, anxiety, and depression, not to mention hard situations and struggles in relationship, there’s no shame in needing support. TDC offers a variety of Care services  for Navigators’ health and wholeness.  You don’t have to walk through the tangles of life and ministry alone. 

You're not alone

The offerings below are here for your wholehearted growth and deepening life with Christ.

Connect with us for more information.

Seminar: Conflict Resolution

Experienced mediators explain the basic principles and techniques to apply Biblical truth and facilitate relational healing.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

One-to-one care from a pastoral perspective that addresses the current problem and helps you live from the heart of Jesus. If you are on staff with The Navigators, we invite you to connect with us. You don’t have to walk through the tangles of life and ministry alone.

Our capacity does limit our availability to Navigators Field staff only. If you need referral resources, please connect with Focus on the Family or The American Association of Christian Counselors.

Relational Healing

If teammates or couples have unsuccessfully tried to reconcile on their own, a trained shepherd or pastoral counselor can mediate and help facilitate biblical forgiveness and reconciliation.

Crisis Care Hotline

Got an emergency situation and need some quick advice? Give us a call here in the event of the death of a staff, student, or stakeholder, suicide situation, serious injury, natural disaster, act of terror, major crime, misconduct, or when in doubt. Domestic (U.S.): 707-776-NAVS (6287) International (outside the U.S.): 719-208-4093

Seminar: A Navigator’s First Response to…

Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm (Cutting) and Sexual Assault. Insights on how to identify these areas of struggle, what to do, not do and how to refer.

Click here to access a digital resource for Navigators crisis situations.

Restoration Following Moral Failure

Navigators don’t shoot our wounded. When a staff member breaks the code of conduct, restoration is a possibility when the staff member involved is repentant and willing to walk through a guided healing process.

Staff Marriage Retreats

Ready for a fresh encounter in your marriage? Marriage retreats provide needed space for you to get away.