Cultural Journey

Welcome to cultural journey

We desire to see a discipleship movement within the Navigators and beyond where all ethnicities are fully seen, valued, and engaged, with opportunities to flourish. 

We walk alongside all staff with resources and relationships as they grow in their understanding of culture. We want staff to discover how their culture informs their discipleship and how we can deeply engage with one another. 

This comprehensive Bible study-based resource is creatively designed to accompany Navigator staff in taking the next steps on our cultural journeys.

  • Experience heartfelt stories
  • Explore God’s heart for humanity in all our diversity
  • Dive into your own mindset and feelings around questions of ethnicity

Felton Woodson, Director (center), Demitta Clausell-Reese (front right), Anna Snider (front left), Francis Juloya (back left), Rick Yorgey (back right)

Resources and Programs

Cultural Journey: Listen

Engage with books, films, and podcasts as we intentionally and humbly seek to understand God, ourselves, and our neighbors through listening, prayer, and sharing in community.

Cultural Journey: Experience

Experience the place you call “home” through cultural tours, historical sites, and food in your city. Expand your capacity for love and insight toward God, ourselves, one another, and our locations.

Cultural Journey: Audit
If you create content or have existing content, let us help you review your materials and systems through a culturally aware lens.

Cultural Journey: Table Talk

This study helps us broach the topics of race and injustice in ways that bring us all to the God of inclusion and justice.

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