Overflow: A Guided Journey

Welcome to Overflow with Train Develop Care

In John 10:10, Jesus offers us “life to the full”, abundant and overflowing. In these turbulent times, does “life to the full” describe our inside-our experience? How is the health of your soul?

Let’s take a breath together. Through stories, contemplative practices, curated resources from across The Navigators, and intentional consideration, Overflow: A Guided Journey is an invitation. Whether you’re feeling wounded and tender or energetically motivated, just come sit with Jesus, immerse yourself in His presence, and experience abundant, overflowing wholeness. Return to joy, remembering you are in Him. 

Text OVERFLOW to 719-652-1955

We’ll send 1-2 messages a month, including resources and reminders to abide.


Your own and how you lead others - must come from a place of soul health. We're recommending Peter Scazzero's Emotionally Healthy series, and will soon be sending all Navigator Representatives a copy of this book. Not a Navs Rep? If you're staff, email TDC@navigators.org.

Rest, Pace, & Margin

Maybe you need to consider rest, pace, and margin. Here's a toolbox of TDC resources.

Soul Care & Spiritual Formation Toolbox

This TDC toolbox offers more resources and things to think about as you pursue soul health.

Self-Guided Retreat

There's no substitute for soul care in the community, which scheduled group Soul Care Retreats to provide. But if you've got some time to get alone with God, there's no substitute for that, either. Try this self-guided retreat option to reflect on your soul.