A Megadose of Rhythm

“The great thing about faith in God is that it keeps a man undisturbed in the midst of disturbance.” Oswald Chambers 

Last week we got news we didn’t want, then a few days later came another challenge we’d prefer not to deal with. Oh, life—ours and yours, no doubt! A friend commented to us, “Chaos is the new normal.” We couldn’t agree more! 

Now, for the third time this year, we are establishing a new normal. How do we stay strong in this ever-changing environment and prepare for next week’s unknown crisis? 

“Rhythms” is the concept we keep working on. The middle of Matthew 11:28-30 (MSG) tells us to “learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” God seems to have built life rhythms into every living creation— plants, animals, and humanity. But with us (we’ll make this personal and not assume you do this too!), we always try to press the limits and ignore the rhythms we need. 

We are now once again re-establishing our Life Plan, or “Rule of Life,” whichever you want to call it. What are the essentials we must build in? What is optional? What determines what we say no and yes to? 

The Word 

We start with the foundation of our everyday time with God. Our current COVID crisis allows for less commute time and more time with Him to strengthen our souls. What a gift! Staying strong each week also means our weekly Sabbath with rest, reflection, and renewal. This gives us a chance to notice worldly thinking that might have crept in over the last few days and replace it with God’s perspective. Ceasing to work for 24 hours (this is our non-le­galistic goal, but the day might vary) lets us enjoy a megadose of life, His presence, and that of family and friends.

This way, we go into our week rested (the way of Adam and Eve: the first day after their creation was Sabbath, so their first action was “rest”), anticipating what He will bring each day. We go into the week wiser after reflection on the Word, journaling, etc. We understand better what God speaks to us, discerning meaning out of things that are meaningless. We see trends and strands of His work. And we often experience God moving things from our heads to our hearts. Sabbath also gives us time to play awhile—healthy for our hearts and souls. 

Clear Priorities 

Though time management is important, priority management is even more important. We have a holistic plan that includes our goals for our work, faith, finances, physical and mental health, family and marriage. We also have a couple of steps to move us forward in each of these areas.


We use an Ideal Week tool to help us filter what to say yes and no to, making sure our time and priorities match. This also makes space for unplanned meetings, conversations, and some non-essentials we just want to do, as well as the disrup­tions that come.

Some of the “interruptions” in our lives become fruitful shifts as we lean into God’s agenda over ours. His ways are higher and better (Isaiah 55). Sometimes we even wonder…are the disruptions in life really the Big Agenda—His agenda for us?

These “holy” rhythms allow us to live out of an overflow of our relationship with Him, enjoying God and others, and thriving in the work He’s given to us. We pray that all of us may flourish and truly experience this life without lack (Psalms 23:1).

Originally published Fall 2020, Upfront (Volume 14, Issue 3)

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