Staff Marriage Retreats



Becoming One (In Colorado Springs)

Held twice/year in Colorado Springs, primarily for staff on sabbatical, Becoming One is a weekend getaway for Navigator couples to take inventory of their marriage relationship, whether you need a fresh encounter, deeper understanding of each other, or to address deep hurts in order to move forward in renewed love. Becoming One retreats focus on the four main expressions of intimacy and facets that move you toward achieving it. It’s intentionally designed to provide couples with the needed space to interact, dialogue, and process together… to enjoy rest and refreshment apart from otherwise full lives … and —prayerfully—to go deeper with God in all He has created and intended marriage oneness to be. The cost for Navigator staff to attend, not including personal travel, is usually covered by TDC. Contact us for more information.


Great Commandment Intimate Life Retreat (In Your Location)

Want to know the secrets of a really good marriage? This multi-session retreat helps couples develop their intimacy. You’ll experience a variety of exercises and inventories and discuss in a warm, accepting group environment. You’ll gain insight and a better understanding of each other’s deepest longings and needs – creating a new closeness. 

We’ll discuss intimacy and emotions, communication and conflict, avoiding actions that destroy trust, and developing foundations for continued growth through new rhythms and establishing a vision for your marriage and family. Whether you want to improve a good marriage or rebuild a troubled one, the Intimate Encounters retreat gives you the tools you need to find the closeness you desire.

Cost is paid by local staff, with travel for one or two facilitating couples from TDC Care Team paid by TDC.

Contact us for more information.