The Story of My Sister

By the late 1990s, war and HIV/AIDS had ravaged my country, destroying entire families and villages. It left behind what was commonly referred to as “child-headed families,” families of little kids whose adults had been claimed by our tragedies. At barely 17 years, I was the head of my household. We struggled to stay in […]

The Gift of Co-Creating Connection

Her text read: I am so happy to co-labor with you, Jordan. Reading Bonnie’s text drew me into reflecting on our early days of collaboration. We met at a coach training I gave. Chatting after class, we realized not only did we have coaching in common, but our faith in Christ made a strong connection. […]

It Started with a Question

Our true connection started with a question: “What is your greatest desire for the church today?” Alejandro and I had already been talking for thirty minutes, give or take. We’d introduced ourselves and explained what we do for a living. We’d found common ground in our commitment to sharing the gospel, to the Word of […]

Curiosity Leading into Green Pastures

Dave and I met while he was stationed as a Marine here at Camp Lejeune. For about the last 18 months, he and I have met for prayer and to fellowship deeply with the Lord together.  Our times are always a mini-celebration of the goodness of God in our lives and in others. And since […]

Burning Bushes, Burning Questions

“You all go explore the mall,” Mom said. “I’m going to stay here and people watch.” People watch? What’s that? Curious, I slid onto the bench beside my mom as my siblings headed off.  “God created so much amazing diversity in this world,” she explained as we watched the world walk past. She pointed out […]

Ava and the Unicycling Clown

Every evening around six o’clock that summer, a clown with bright orange hair and a fluorescent purple polka-dotted top hat rode past my house on a neon blue unicycle. A black lab in a red bowtie darted around below him. The first time, despite the fact that I usually find clowns creepy, he was a […]