Teaming in the Cities: An Interview with Patriece Johnson

Why is a team important to the mission of your city team? 

Teams are important because there are so many aspects of ministering in the city context that one person will miss. We have some amazing leaders on campus and they have a unique skill set that allows them to do that well but as we collaborate and think about developing people to be lifelong disciple-makers, it takes joint effort for us to think about how to flow people from campus to the workplace to family to a neighborhood. The value of deferring to others is critical in this role because one staff in their skill set and strengths can’t do it alone.  

What is your dream for teams in the Navigators? 

My dream for teams in the Navigators is for brothers and sisters individually walking in the security of who they are in their unique strengths and have the confidence to bring that uniqueness to their team. We have our own spaces, but I would love for us to have an equal amount of excitement and openness to partner with those who are not like us. I think about a room full of color, shapes, and different sizes with each contribution being valued. It would be men and women of multigenerational, multiethnic, and multicultural design. 

What are the five A teams in a city team?  

Admin: the backbone of communication in coordination  

Advance: every city needs to be thinking about how we can broaden our sphere of influence  

Advisory: mature believers in the city who shepherd and care for our staff’s soul care needs and advises our younger staff. 

Align: the team that helps us identify and connect with each other to see how we can come alongside each other’s ministry. 

Action: the folks in the city who are highly strategic that will hold us accountable to stay aligned with our vision and mission  

4 Cs of Good City Teaming  

Clarity: Vision/ Mission/Goals/Roles 

Commitment: to the call, to one another, to our city 

Concern: Where is our heart burdened?  

Contribution: Putting our strengths, talents and gifts into action 

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