Worry Proven to be Highly Effective

A scientific study has revealed the significant effectiveness of worry and anxiety. It turns out that over 95 percent of the thing we worry about never occur! 🙂

In spite of this “scientific study,” we see Jesus taking a different view. In Matthew 6:25-34, He addresses the fears that often plague us. What caught my attention is that Jesus doesn’t dismiss them as unfounded. Instead, He invites us to trust in a sovereign God who cares about our souls and our ultimate good. Jesus doesn’t promise that the things we worry about won’t occur, but He does invite us to a hope that is deeper and more lasting than any of them.

In some cases, anxiety is a persistent disorder that needs professional treatment. We address that in this issue. But for many of us, it’s more that our focus has shifted. When we put our worries at the center, we don’t see God. Our worries become a distorted mirror in which we gaze ourselves.

As you explore the articles in UpFront, I pray you’ll hear Jesus’ invitation to greater hope and receive it in ways that free you from the debilitating effects of fear. May His perfect love cast out fear and the self-absorption that ties into it. And may He replace them with the freedom to live the gospel and make disciples next door to everywhere.

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