Giving God Control

The State of My Soul By Kathy Redmond I attended TDC’s Soul Care for Leaders Workshop day at Glen Eyrie during the 2023 Leader Summit. To my surprise… the prompts nudged me deeply and transformatively. “Write your descriptive words for the state of a healthy soul and unhealthy soul.” Perfect.

Glorious Eggs and Toast: How Embodied Spirituality Counteracts Trauma

After working through a layer of trauma in my story, I distinctly remember being ridiculously excited about eggs in the morning. Somehow, the prospect of being able to wake up and make myself scrambled eggs filled me with a deep, irrational joy. It was as if God had enriched all

Physical Dependence, Spiritual Freedom

I don’t remember breaking my neck, but I’ve heard the basic story. As I bicycled home from work twelve years ago, another cyclist cut in and sent me spinning off the trail to land headfirst on a rock. My spine was crushed rather than severed, so I can breathe without