What I Said and How I Said It

“Pastor, I don’t know what to think. A loving God can’t possibly think this about me, can He?” The voice on the recording belonged to a young woman who described herself as bisexual (attracted to men and women). She had been building trust with our community over the last few

The “Wow” of Spiritual Sexuality

I never set out to write on sexuality, God knows. But so many women in their twenties wept in my counseling office (and I, with them) about sexual experiences they regretted, I had to pick up a pen. I never expected, though, that study and writing on sexuality would crack

Strength in Masculinity

On Halloween, my kids excitedly put on their costumes to run house to house for their annual candy-induced sugar high. My four-year-old son wore a full knight costume, complete with helmet, shield, and shining silver sword. Inside this little boy lived a mighty warrior ready for battle. But what did this young knight do first? He poked his two-year-old sister with his plastic sword!