What I Wish I’d Known About Anxiety

For years, and I’m ashamed of this, I was the guy in the room thinking, “Oh man, not another emotional staff mess to deal with.” I was 38 years old and just as stressed out and tired as anyone else (that seemed to be a pre-req for EDGE Corps at

Naming Our Fears, Reclaiming Our Hope

When I was a young father, my wife Cathy, and I moved from our settled hometown to our dream counseling graduate program in Denver. We felt thrilled and in the center of God’s will. However, our then 10-year-old son, Seth, was struggling. His loneliness, isolation, and new school left him

The Unexpected Companion

 I will never forget my first meeting with the psychiatrist. His office was in a mental health hospital, and it was straight out of a movie… complete with a creaky gate, old brick buildings, and zombie-like patients walking the grounds in hospital gowns.  After a litany of questions, the doctor

Unflappable: Flying by Faith in the Face of Fear

“You’re so unflappable,” people tell me sometimes. And I laugh. Every time I choose to use my voice to say something that’s hard, I always have a level of anxiety internally before I say it. I don’t know if my anxiety will ever go away, but as a child and

Anxiety: An Invitation to Slow Down

“Parang malalim yata ang iniisip mo?” (English: “Looks like you’re thinking about something deep.”)  As a child, my anxiety was perceived as deep thinking. When anxiety takes hold of me, it consumes my thoughts, and often blinds me to the promise of God’s tender and infinite care for me.  When

A New Song

“How’s your health, Caitlin?” This was a simple question from a caring Navigator staff woman, as we caught up during a wedding weekend in 2009. Suddenly, the room spun and I had trouble breathing. Heart racing, I lay down on her couch and tried to compose myself. What in the

Worry Proven to be Highly Effective

A scientific study has revealed the significant effectiveness of worry and anxiety. It turns out that over 95 percent of the thing we worry about never occur! 🙂 In spite of this “scientific study,” we see Jesus taking a different view. In Matthew 6:25-34, He addresses the fears that often


Worry. It’s in our nature. We worry about our bills, our kids, our kids’ friends. We worry about our kids’ lack of friends. If we don’t worry, our friends say, “But aren’t you worried?” We figure worry isn’t such a bad thing. If I worry enough, maybe it won’t happen.

Giving God Control

The State of My Soul By Kathy Redmond I attended TDC’s Soul Care for Leaders Workshop day at Glen Eyrie during the 2023 Leader Summit. To my surprise… the prompts nudged me deeply and transformatively. “Write your descriptive words for the state of a healthy soul and unhealthy soul.” Perfect.


My idea of teaming was significantly impacted when I read the first four words of I and II Thessalonians: Paul, Silas and Timothy. Three individuals with decades of shared experience were writing a letter as a ministry team.  For 47 years, I have served with ministry teams on college campuses